PAC Work Culture Pillars

Precision Aerospace has identified three pillars for supporting a strong work culture and high employee engagement. These are Accountability, Adaptability and Achievement.

  • A Culture of Accountability means that our work will be measured and we that will be accountable to each other and to the business.
  • A Culture of Adaptability means that our work environment is very dynamic and priorities can and do change. Being nimble and adaptable allows us to better support our customer’s changing priorities.
  • A Culture of Achievement means that we seek to recognize individual and team performance. We reward for outcome and reward catch people.

Worthwhile Work


What we do matters! We call it Worthwhile Work and it means the following:

  • We are doing our part to defend our freedom and liberties
  • we are responsible for safe air travel
  • Our business supports many families
  • Our products provide for safe and efficient transportation of goods and services around the world
  • Other companies and stakeholders depend on us
  • Our products increase the quality of life for many around the world
  • As we succeed, we seek to give back

Why Join Our Team?

  • Competitive Pay and Benefits
  • Personal and Professional Development
    • DOL Registered Apprenticeship Program
    • Our leaders are committed to supporting your development planning
  • Precision is locally owned and operated
    • We provide a family feel work environment, that is professional, disciplined, and sophisticated.

High Tech Work

  • Our short production runs mean you will stay busy with challenging work
  • Tight tolerance parts means you will develop advanced skills and competencies
  • We machine exotic materials and that provides exciting new everyday challenges
  • We Serve High Tech Leading Edge Aerospace Customers