It is the mission of Precision Aerospace, an organization consisting primarily of its employees, to work in harmony to provide the highest quality parts possible, on time to our customers. We pledge to give our all in an effort to do what it takes in servicing our customers.

We believe that in order to accomplish our mission, we must always strive to improve ourselves through education, cooperation and communication. We pride ourselves at looking at the impossible as a challenge and at obstacles as opportunities. As a group, we have embraced education not as a beginning but as a means to becoming what we should be. We have come to realize that only through cooperation and communication can we as an organization truly realize our full potential.


Knowing the importance of technology and its use, we strive also to remain on the cutting edge of the technology available to us.

We believe that only through each of our members realizing his or her own potential can the organization as a whole ever realize its potential. We therefore do everything possible to promote personal growth.

We know that only through truly servicing the needs of our customers will we survive and flourish, whether in difficult times or in times of plenty. We pledge to do our utmost to ascertain those needs and work towards fulfilling them.

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